Welcome to Block Expert Blog


I am officially launching our company’s blog (and our company as well!). It’s a very exciting time for I and my business partner Jean-Philippe and we want to share with you our thoughts on what is happening with the “blockchain rush”.

What’s the purpose of this blog?

I am feeling while I am writing those lines something that I have already experienced twenty years ago, I mean the internet revolution. If I go back in time, I can feel the same enthusiasm that I had in late 90s when I discovered what was a browser or the HTML language. Blockchain is that kind of technology shift that makes me think that everything is possible again. That is the main reason we started this blog. We want to live the full adventure of blockchain from the start and share our vision/ideas with the world (at least with our readers!).

Wherever smart people work, doors are unlocked. Steve Wozniak

What this blog is not intended for?

As a blockchain professional, my main goal is to provide the best advices and/or implementation to my clients. As a blogger, my aim is to think “out of the box”. So this blog is not intended to be neither a methodology or consulting material to implement blockchain. What we want here is to explore what is happening in real-time, whether it’s good or wrong for business.

We are not futurologists

Just remember when the first startups emerged like Altavista, ICQ or Lycos. They where valorised hundreds of millions at the time and everyone emphasised them like they were the new ever-lasting companies. They are now out-of-business and I am not even sure that our young generation have just ever heard about them and probably never will. So let’s be honest, our future is simply unpredictable but at the same time that what is great about it: the game is open and the technology is evolving every day!

“our future is simply unpredictable”

We are not techno-centric

Let’s say that we are “not only” techno-centric. It’s true that working with new technologies gives a bias with our vision of the real world. I mean that sometimes we can  loose the real purpose of technology and the direct benefit with our lives.

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